5 Popular Birthday Party Themes Guaranteed to Make Memories

Theme birthday parties are a fantastic way to ensure a smile lights up your child’s face on their special day. But how do you choose a theme? You may be wondering what are the most popular themes for young children this year. Here’s our list of the top 5 birthday party themes which are sure to win over everyone on your RSVP list.

  1. Discover the Clubhouse Adventure

Mickey and Minnie Mouse never grow old! Join Mickey and his Clubhouse pals on a birthday adventure. The Clubhouse adventure games and songs provide a perfect opportunity for children from the ages of 2 to 5 to play and sing along with these beloved characters.

  1. Princess-Pirate Adventure

Planning a co-ed party and want the best of both worlds? You can’t go wrong with the classical princesses and pirates theme. Costumes, tattoos, makeup and a treasure hunt ensure every party-goer has a blast! A beautiful princess and an adventurous pirate will lead the children through games, adventures, and crafts.

  1. Pampered Princess

What little girl doesn’t want to be pampered on her special day? A Pampered Princess Party is a popular theme for girls 3 to 8 years old where they get to dress up as a beautiful princess and have their makeup and nails done by their chosen princess. With crafts, dancing, games, stories and more, your child’s favourite Princess will lead the birthday princesses (and princes) through fun, themed activities.

  1. Be a Superhero

If your little one can’t stop running around the house with a cape on, then they would be over the moon with our Be a Superhero party theme! For children 3 years and up, little superheroes will get to face feats to save the day right along with their favourite superhero. Bring your own cape or wear one of ours while you use your super senses to conquer the obstacle course, win at target practice, and make the best superhero craft.

  1. Pets to the Rescue (Paw Patrol)

Paw Patrol is here to rescue your party with a whole adventure of adorable fun! Children from 1 to 5 years old follow Chase the Police Dog through various rescue-themed activities. Participating in Paw Patrol themed crafts and games, your child will feel like they are one of the team!

At Alpha’s Discovery Club Indoor Playground and Party Center, we definitely have a feel for what kids love and our themed birthday parties really ignite their excitement. Our indoor playground, wonderful characters, adventures, crafts and more ensure the kids have a great time and will ask to come back. Whether you choose to party with Batman or Supergirl, Mickey Mouse or Chase the Police Dog, Princesses or Pirates, Alpha’s is there to support you, the parent, to celebrate birthday milestones without feeling overwhelmed.

Learn more about our most popular themes at www.alphasdiscoveryclub.com/indoorplayground/themes