A Party Fit for a Princess – How to Plan a Super Princess Party

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of living the life of a Disney Princess? Beautiful ball gowns, magic, loyal friends, fancy feasts and days filled with song and dance. Many Disney princesses are also very strong and powerful role models for young girls, making them more like heroes than dainty princesses.

If your daughter dreams of being royalty, here are 10 ways to make your daughter feel like princess on her special day.

1. Sparkles! Add a little glitter to the day with sparkly accessories. You can even make the paper plates and cups sparkle with some glitter washi tape.

2. Dress up! The whole family and all the party attendees can get in on the fun! Put on some fancy dresses, tiaras and suits to give your little princess a day she will never forget.

3. Fancy feasts! Serve up a feast fit for royalty with fancy place settings and, of course, more glitter! Create personalized menus and place settings for party guests and reserve a royal throne for the guest of honour at the head of the table.

4. Pamper her! What little girl doesn’t love to be pampered on her birthday? It’s all about her – nail polish, beautiful up-dos, open doors and special events.

5. Loyal friends! Invite all the little princesses special friends for her special day. What fun it would be to have your daughter’s favourite Disney Princess along for the fun too?

6. Epic adventures! Take the party to a new location, adding to the allure of the theme of the day. A party centre, all decked out to suit a royal guest, is the perfect setting for the special event.

7. Animal friends! No Disney movie is complete without animal friends. Encourage your daughter and her friends to bring along their favourite stuffy to participate in the adventures of the day.

8. Singing and dancing! Make a playlist of all her favourite songs to sing and dance along to and keep the party going all day long.

9.  Make it a movie! Like most parents, you’re sure to have the camera flashing all day long. Take some video clips too and turn it into a mini-movie that you can all watch together to relive the magical memories.

10. More sparkles! When in doubt, just add more sparkles to light up your little girl’s smile with magical fairy dust.

Consider Alpha’s Discovery Club to help make your daughter’s birthday a magical event. We offer themed parties such as “Pampered Princess” and “Princess-Pirate Adventure” with special guest entertainers to keep the smiles on everyone’s faces all day long.