Are you a Happy Camper?

Nothing causes more stress to the working parent than deciding how to keep their child occupied during those long, hot and hazy days of summer. Sure you’ve got two weeks vacation booked but that still leaves almost 6 more weeks to keep your little ones busy.  Add to that the frustration of having to book months in advance and you may well find you are not a ‘happy camper’ at all.

We can change that.  Our goal at Alpha’s Discovery Club is to offer families a fantastic choice that’s close to home, fits in with your schedule and that provides enough variety to keep even the most discerning kid customer happy. We’ve put together this handy checklist for parents and caregivers and invite you to read it, talk to your child or children and then give us a call! We’re confident we’ll “turn that frown upside down” and turn you and your little ones into happy campers all summer long!

Things to consider when considering a summer camp:

  • First and foremost it goes without saying you want a program that ensures your child is safe, happy and has fun.  At Alpha’s we’ve been in the business of providing safe, happy and nurturing environments for over 10 years.  We know what we are doing and are confident that our qualified staff will exceed your expectations.

  • What does your child like to do? Sports? Art? Perhaps a developing interest in music? Ask your child what they might like to do and talk a little bit about what camp is like and what they can expect from the experience.

  • Perhaps you need your child to continue to focus on academic skills preparation for the following school year.

  • Is it time for overnight camp? That’s a whole separate blog for sure but maybe you already know your child and their level of readiness to attend camp away from home.

  • It could be you are thinking the summer is an ideal time to try several different camps and expose your child to new experiences in a variety of genres. That can be difficult to coordinate and leave you without a camp spot for some weeks.

That’s where Alpha’s Discovery Club comes in. We take the work out of camping. We offer “one-stop” camping that might be one stop but which allows your child to travel the world! How? By offering weekly camps that encompass a broad variety of activities and day trips combining ALL the elements you seek.  Developing independence, social skills and long lasting friendships your child will enjoy music, art, dance, sports, science, academics, drama and more, all in one fun, safe and nurturing environment. Language and math are core academic focal points and weekly field trips just add to the fun.

Check out the list of planned activities we have in store for the summer 2017 season and call or email us today to find out how to turn your child or children into happy campers – because you know what they say; If the kids are happy campers Mom or Dad are too!

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