Birthday Party Themes for Toddlers

Toddlers love to move and shake and will have a blast celebrating their birthday alongside family and friends.  Finding an ideal location for a child’s birthday party can be daunting considering all the options available, but for Toddler’s especially, you will want to keep in mind age-appropriate equipment and entertainment.

At Alpha’s Discovery Club, our passion is party planning and we have some of the best party themes and entertainment, sure to make every toddler (and parent!) leave with a smile on their face!

First Birthday Theme

For your toddler’s first birthday some real moving and shaking is in order and our First Birthday Theme will really get them going. Once you choose your special theme, let us do the rest! A party leader and your chosen mascot will lead the toddlers through crafts, games, singing, dancing and more.


Pets to the Rescue Theme

If your toddler has fallen in love with the Paw Patrol crew, then this party theme is for you! The Fire Chief and Chase the Police Dog will lead your toddler and their friends in rescue-themed activities, crafts, dancing, and fun themed missions.


Dancing Toddlers

Toddler love to DANCE! Moving and shaking really puts a smile on little one’s faces. So how about a dance party theme? Dance instructors will lead children through various dance moves, sing-along songs, crafts, and other movement activities. Let’s shake, rattle and roll!


Explore the Jungle Theme

For kids 2 to 6 years old these theme is great for your adventurous little ones! Children will explore the jungle with the Jungle Safari Leader and a mascot character of their choosing. With jungle-themed activities such as crafts, singing and games your child and their friends will leave happy (really, they may just not want to leave).


Discover the Clubhouse Adventure

Mickey Mouse (M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, yes sing along, you’re welcome!) or Minnie Mouse would love to lead your child and their friends through their clubhouse adventures, crafts and songs. We can’t promise that they won’t leave singing the same song over and over again.


Little Ballerinas Theme

Do you have a little ballerina who loves to twirl.? Why not let a beautiful ballerina lead them and their friends through ballet themed activities such as dancing, crafts and dress up. Your beautiful ballerina will get to twirl in their tutu with all of their friends.


Speedy Wheels Theme

Toddlers can be pretty brave with a love of speed (and climbing on things) so how about they get to go go go with a speedy wheels themed birthday party?! Cars, trucks, trains, let the racing instructor lead them through crafts, races, and other transportation themed activities all while wearing a race car helmet.


While toddlers like to have fun by dancing, racing and exploring we can give them a safe space and guidance to continue that love for life and imagination with our themed parties, saving you time and headaches.