Party Planning Tips to Run a Successful Birthday Party

A little planning goes a long way

Hosting any party can be a bit overwhelming, but running a successful kid’s birthday party can feel like juggling with fireworks!

The good news is that with good preparation, any party can be pulled off with a smile on everyone’s face. To help you out, here are a few tips to keep in mind to plan and run a smooth kid’s birthday party.

Have a plan

A great kid’s birthday party plan should include activities and backup activities or prop replacements in case something unexpected should happen.

Create a flexible timeline for the party so that you aren’t running late at the end or rushing through the important parts (like cake!).

If you are planning an outside party or activities then definitely plan to have a rain date and/or back up location planned.

If you are planning the party at a venue, ensure that you have booked it well in advance (2-3 months) so that you get the date and time you prefer to hold the party instead of what’s available at the last minute.

Plan for helping hands

Character entertainers can be a great way to engage children of all ages during a party. It gives them a focus and plenty of activities to keep them busy for the duration of the party.

Plan to have older children and extra adults on hand to help out too – you will be very thankful for the support, especially at the beginning, end and during clean-up times.

Plan for extras

Despite best intentions, you never know when there will be extra mouths to feed or extra children to blend into the party. Make sure that you have extra food and party favours just in case.

Planning a few extra activities can also be a lifesaver if the original activities are over too quickly or aren’t as engaging as you imagined when you saw them on Pinterest!

Plan to be ready early

When your guests arrive, you want to be in a position to greet them and take the time to welcome the children into the party with the proper amount of attention. Plan to have everything ready in the morning or even the night before. You will be glad you did!

If you are having a party at a venue, be sure to ask what time you can be there to set up for the party.

Make sure you have a list of all of the things you need and use it as a checklist to be sure you have everything with plenty of time to spare.

Plan for the unplanned

Ask about allergies, special needs or concerns before planning the activities and food options.

Be aware and always ask parents and guardians about allergies! Try to plan food for all of the kids coming and ensure that nothing can cause serious reactions and serve food that all children can eat together so no one feels left out.

Also, if you are having kids come with any special needs ask their parents how you can best accommodate and include them, the parents will love you for it!

Planning a party for your kids doesn’t have to be complicated and remember that Alpha’s Discovery Club can help you to plan all aspects for the party – from start to finish. Alpha’s offers themed birthday parties for children of every age with professional entertainers to take care of the fun!

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