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Top 10 Party Planning Tips to run a Smooth Birthday Party

When it comes to planning children’s birthday parties, the details can get overwhelming. We’ve planned our fair share of birthday parties and have a few tips to share to make the process easier for you.

  1. Location – The first thing you need to decide is if you are going to have the party at home or rent a party location. The benefits to having the party at a party centre are numerous and make much of the rest of the planning easier. Many party centres will provide entertainment, food and even loot bags. Best of all, the setup and cleanup are done for you!

  1. Time of day – The younger your guests, the earlier the party should be and the shorter the duration. For toddlers and young children, plan the party for not more than 2 hours in the early afternoon. For children under 4, you may want to consider nap times and try to schedule around them. For school-aged children mid-late afternoon usually works best for a 2 hr party. Keep in mind that many children attend extracurricular programs so try to plan around those too.

  1. The guest list – Keep in mind that not all children who are invited will actually come to the party, but when children aren’t invited they can feel left out and it can cause trouble for your little one. A good rule of thumb when planning a guest list is to think “all” – All children in the class, All Boys, or All Girls.

  1. RSVP & Parent Contact List – As the invitation responses start rolling in, build a parent contact list that you can use at the party if you need to, or to plan play-dates for children after the party. Give parents an RSVP date about a week before the party so you can confirm the number of children to expect on your final list and plan ahead for food and loot bags.

  1. Themes – Choosing a theme for the party helps with the rest of the planning. Most children have a favourite TV character or toy. It is very exciting to see everything around them decorated to match their favourite theme, and it can also give guests clues on gift ideas because they will know more about your child’s interests without having to ask.

  1. Entertainment – When children arrive at a birthday party, they are bundles of energy and will need some direction to release that energy in a positive and constructive way. Climbing centres provide lots of space to run and children’s entertainers are experts at keeping children entertained at birthday parties!

  1. Helping hands – Inviting older children to help out at the party is always a good idea. Having parents stick around during the party can also be a great way to get to know other children’s parents from your child’s class. Having parents around also helps to supervise a large group of children. Don’t be afraid to ask parents to help supervise the kids. It’s important that the kids are safe!

  1. Food & Sweets – Be sure to ask parents about food allergies as part of the RSVP process and plan for allergy-friendly and child-friendly foods during the party. Pizza is a go-to for most parents who want an easy order and easy cleanup. Cake or cupcakes can be ordered to match the party’s theme too! Serve food about halfway through the party and sweets near the end to give children time to run off some of the sugar before sending them home.

  1. Loot Bags & Thank You Cards – Don’t let your guests leave empty-handed! Prepare small loot bags and/or personalized thank you cards ahead of time. Matching the theme of the party is a great way to fill the bags with little toys or candy that will keep the thrill of the party going after the last guest leaves.

  1. Relax and enjoy! Take a few moments to step back and appreciate the smiles on your child’s face. They will only turn this age once, and it’s important not to get caught up in the details. Beyond having all their friends around them, children will remember how their parent’s made them feel on their special day. So keep the energy light and happy and celebratory!

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