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Our preschool and daycare offers both an academic curriculum as well as a play-based environment to provide your child with the very best start in life. We believe in focusing on the individual child and plan according to each child’s unique strengths and areas of development. Our academic curriculum includes Jolly Phonics, Math, Science, French and Music. As a parent, you’ll take comfort in knowing that you’ll receive daily updates from the teacher in addition to a progress report for your child twice per year to let you know how your child is progressing and meeting key milestones.



At Alpha’s, your child’s safety is of prime importance. We have several safety features in place so that you can rest assured that our child is being cared for and nurtured in a safe and secure environment. Our front door is only accessible to staff and parents with a security code. Our covered playground is locked and has a fence from ceiling to floor on both ends. We also have an alarm system in place so no one can enter the preschool or daycare without our knowledge. In addition to these safety features, we strictly follow all guidelines according to Ministry of Education and Peel Health regulations. We maintain a clean environment by sanitizing all the toys daily and each classroom is completely sanitized on a weekly basis.



A great teacher makes all the difference! Our customers will tell you that we have the best teachers who genuinely care about the children! All of our teachers are qualified Early Childhood Educators registered with the College of ECEs. They provide your child with loving care, a stimulating learning environment and consistent guidance to supplement and enhance learning. Our ECE trained and qualified staff are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing and caring environment for your children. We make it our mission to help each child so they can reach their full potential.



Our daycare and preschool fees are competitive and we offer a great value. We urge you to compare our rates and you will find that our academy offers a better value for your hard earned money.



Alpha’s offers both full-time and part-time programs to meet the needs of busy parents.

Susie Beghin

Susie Beghin

Meet Susie Beghin and Adriano Beghin, the proud owners of both Alpha’s Preschool Academy and Child Care Centre and Alpha’s Discovery Club Indoor Playground and Party Centre.

Susie Beghin opened Alpha’s Discovery Club in 2004 as a unique indoor playground offering theme birthday parties and camp programs. It was the first step in Susie’s journey to fulfill her dream of opening a high quality preschool and daycare for children in Mississauga and neighbouring areas.

“By becoming an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) , I was fulfilling my dream of owning my own education-focused daycare,” she says. “I was committed to learning as much as I could about child development so I could help children reach their full potential.”

In 2012, Susie successfully reached her goal by opening Alpha’s Preschool Academy and Child Care Centre in Mississauga, which offers both an academic curriculum as well as a play-based learning environment

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