At Alpha’s Preschool Academy and Child Care Centre, we are truly committed to each and every child. We have created an exceptional program to develop the whole child through an academic play-based curriculum. We provide child-initiated and teacher-supported experiences to foster children’s natural curiosity, exploration, play and inquiry. We follow the children’s individual interests and plan activities to maximize learning and children’s well-being.


As a preschool and daycare that prides itself as a learning academy, we focus on building academic skills such as reading, writing, math, French, and science exploration through play-based activities.  We build the academic skills that children will need to be successful in school.

Literacy is very important to us and beginning at the age of 2.5 yrs, we introduce the highly acclaimed Jolly Phonics literacy program. Learning to read and write are vital skills for children. The Jolly Phonics program has been proven to encourage early reading and writing skills in a fun and creative way. The Jolly Phonics program focuses on learning letter sounds and formation, then blending those sounds to read words.

We are proactive and progressive when it comes to education. We focus on skills that we know many children struggle with once they reach the school system. At Alpha’s, we focus on developing math and science fundamental skills at an early age to help children develop those skills they will need later in school.

Our preschool and daycare program is designed to encourage children to explore using their natural curiosity about the world around them as well as express themselves creatively through music, dance and visual art. Children participate in an age-appropriate Kindermusik program once per week.

Our preschool offers French language instruction every day starting at the age of 2.5 years. Children learn the alphabet, numbers, colours and basic words to communicate in French.

We believe that children learn through meaningful play experiences. Play is a child’s work. While playing, a child is constructing knowledge and learning about the world around them. At Alpha’s we have created an environment that encourages children to freely explore through planned interest areas such as blocks, reading, writing, dramatic, science, sensory and art areas. While exploring in the interest areas, children will develop physical, cognitive, language and social skills. This is the ideal preschool and daycare environment as children are encouraged to make choices and decisions whenever possible.

Teacher/Child Interactions

It is only when a child feels loved and secure that they will develop the confidence to explore and learn. Our ECE teachers are hand-picked for their loving nature and wealth of experience working with children. Our teachers are play partners for the children, which helps to extend and expand on their learning experience. Our teachers support the children in their learning process by carefully observing children and developing programs that are focused on the children’s interests and development. They take into account individual learning styles and plan activities that nurture their curiosity, increase their abilities and help them to find creative solutions. When it comes to the preschool and daycare environment, we know that ECE qualified teachers play an important role in supporting children’s learning and providing the child with a nurturing, caring and positive role-model.

Positive Learning Environment

In order for children to thrive, they need to be in a stimulating environment that meets their daily needs. We create positive learning environments that promote the health, safety and well-being of children. We offer nutritious meals that follow Canada’s Food Guide to healthy eating. As a licensed centre, we follow all Ministry of Education and Peel Health and Safety Regulations and Guidelines to provide a clean and safe environment for the children. Our bright and cheerful classrooms offer a wealth of opportunities to explore and spark the child’s curiosity and inquiry. Equipment, toys and books are selected to help develop skills including problem solving, literacy, independence and social skills. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to promote active exploration and learning opportunities. Our stimulating learning environment is focused on supporting the child’s learning and development.


We know that parents know best when it comes to their children. We develop partnerships with parents to ensure that we meet the individual needs of each child. Communication with parents is very important to us and we communicate with parents daily, weekly and monthly. We offer daily verbal reports, weekly email classroom reports and monthly newsletters. We also utilize social media and encourage parents to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as our blog posts on our website. Parents are welcome to visit the facility at any time of the day and we encourage participation and suggestions to improve our program.

We believe that it takes a community to raise a child and we form partnerships with various community organizations to support our families and children. We partner with organizations in our local community like the local library as well as Erin Oak, Community Living and Peel Inclusion Resource Services. We are members of the Raising the Bar Program in Peel and work with the Region of Peel, Child Development Resource Connection Peel and many other community based programs. We also connect parents to resources in the community to meet the needs of each child.

Fore more details, you can view our full Program Statement here: Program Statement 2016-17

Quality Initiatives

We are proud to participate in the Raising the Bar in Peel program with a goal of providing outstanding, quality child care for the children in our care. Check out this video for more details about the program.

Raising the Bar in Peel


Alpha’s Preschool Academy and Child Care Centre is a licensed daycare and preschool for 69 children. Our ratios are in accordance with the Day Nurseries Act which is as follows: Toddler 1:5, Preschool 1:8.

We offer both full-time and part-time programs to meet the needs of busy parents while offering competitive rates. We also accept subsidy with the Region of Peel.

Full-time (Toddler or Preschool)

Our full-time program runs Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Part-time (Toddler or Preschool)

We offer many flexible options for our part-time program.

1) Nursery School Program

The Nursery School Program runs Monday-Friday from 9:00-11:30 am with the flexibility of attending between 2-5 days per week. Nursery School is perfect for stay-at-home parents that want to expose their child to a group environment where they will learn academics and social skills in preparation for Kindergarten.

2) Half-Day

The half-day program runs for any time period up to 5 hours per day. You can choose to attend between 2-5 days per week. This program is perfect for parents with varying schedules as it allows parents the flexibility to choose the time of day that the child will be attending.

3) Full Day

The full day part-time program is great for parents who only want to send their child for full days on certain days of the week. You can choose to attend 2-3 days per week.

View Our Individualized Age-Specific Programs:


Jr Preschool

Sr Preschool


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