Jr. Preschool

The Junior Preschool program includes children between the ages of 2.5 – 3.5 years. We focus on five core subject areas: Language, Math, Science, French and Music. Through child-initiated and teacher-supported experiences, children learn many concepts including letters, colors, shapes, numbers, size, position, patterning, sequencing, vocabulary, rhythm and listening skills.

As part of our language and literacy program, we follow the acclaimed Jolly Phonics literacy program. The Jolly Phonics program has been proven to encourage early reading and writing skills in a fun and creative way. Jolly Phonics focuses on learning letter sounds and formation, then blending those sounds to read words.

The French instruction program starts in the Junior Preschool classroom. Children receive daily French instruction to learn letters, numbers and basic French vocabulary.

We ensure that the interest areas in the preschool classroom includes materials to spark their imagination and learning including: blocks, table toys/puzzles, book, dramatic, science and sensory areas. The toys and planned activities in each interest area are changed weekly depending on the children’s interests.

Children are encouraged to express themselves every day through creative activities. During small group time, children are exploring something new or expressing themselves creatively .

Music and movement is a fundamental part of the preschool program as well. When you visit the preschool, you will always hear children’s music playing in the background as it fosters a happy and active environment. Children also participate in the award-winning Kindermusik program once per week.

When it comes to potty training, we work closely with the parents to encourage it when the child shows interest and readiness. We assist parents with this process to ensure success!

We play outside twice a day  in our covered and secure outdoor playground to engage the children in activities that promote active movement and physical activity.


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