Infant Programs

Infant Programs

Our infant programs are designed for mommy and baby to spend precious time together during that critical 1st year of life.

Mommy and Baby Time

This is an 8 week program that combines social interaction for mom and baby with fun activities that mom and baby can do together. During the 8 weeks, topics include workshops on relevant hot topics for moms such as nutrition and sleep. The program also includes a Kindermusik class as well as a Fitness class to get that hot mama back in shape! The program is designed for children from newborn to 12 months.


Week 1 Music Workshop – Participate in a Kindermusik class where we’ll have you and your little one movin’ and shakin’
Week 2 Nutrition Workshop – Everything you want to know about what to feed your baby and when to introduce new foods.
Week 3 Fitness Workshop – Workout for mom and baby to get that hot body back!
Week 4 Play Workshop – Learn about the importance of play in your child’s development. Introduce toys that are developmentally appropriate for children.
Week 5 Language Workshop – Learn basic baby sign language and discuss how to improve your child’s communication and language.
Week 6 Sleep Workshop – Strategies to get your baby to sleep!
Week 7 Relaxing Workshop – Baby and Mommy Massages and relaxation techniques
Week 8 Q&A Workshop – Get all your questions answered about baby including child care options while enjoying a coffee or tea with fellow moms. Make a keepsake as a memento of the class.

Cost: $50 for 4 weeks

Duration: 1 hour

Class size: 10 babies with their moms

Advance Registration is required as space is limited.





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