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Mississauga Daycare Over March Break

Mississauga Daycare Over March Break

Mississauga Daycare Over March Break

Mississauga Daycare Over March Break – Over the March Break holiday period, it can be difficult to source a babysitter or to have the patience to keep asking members of your family to look after them for a day at a time. The easiest way to secure yourself for the summer holidays, ensure you can keep working and to reduce the stress of finding childcare is to choose Alpha’s Discovery Club.

We offer childcare in Mississauga to suit a vast array of needs and requirements during the course of the year. From the three diverse pre-school age groups that we look after during the year through to our camp childcare which is ideally suited to the holiday period.

If you would like to find out more about the camp childcare in Mississauga we can offer, here are three reasons to choose it this summer:

  1. Ages three to nine: We cater for this range of ages because we believe that our activities are inclusive to allow every child to enjoy and gain something from each day with us.
  2. Variety of activities: Sports, education, crafts, games and more are included throughout our childcare in Mississauga to engage and stimulate every brain.
  3. New theme each week: Over the holidays we want to ensure that nobody gets bored of our exciting work. That’s why we’ll always change and alter the theme each week to keep everything fresh.

If you have any questions about Alpha’s Discovery Preschool & Daycare, in either Mississauga or Oakville, feel free to contact us at any time.

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