10 Reasons To Choose Our Daycare Oakville

10 Reasons To Choose Our Daycare Oakville

10 Reasons To Choose Our Daycare Oakville

10 Reasons to Choose Our Daycare Oakville - We know how important it is to find the most affordable, highest quality care for your child. At Alpha’s Preschool and Daycare Oakville, you’ll find all of that and more. It’s our mission to provide warm and consistent care to teach children in a loving, respectful manner.

Our Mississauga Daycare location quickly earned the reputation of being one of the best daycares in town. Now we have expanded to bring the best daycare and preschool experience to Oakville. We believe in education-focused daycare and teaching your child from a young age. We offer a wide range of options to fit your family’s needs, suitable for all ages up to 5 years. You will find that our facilities are warm, home-like and provide age-appropriate environments for every program. Please enjoy this article: 10 Reasons to Choose Our Daycare Oakville.

Daycare Oakville Provides a Unique Emergent Curriculum

Reason #1: Differentiated Learning Curriculum

 No two children are the same. Our curriculum's reflect that by adapting to each child’s unique interests and needs. What this means is that the program will never become stagnant or boring for your child. Through child-initiated learning, we will build on their individual curiosity and unique strengths. Our flexible learning environment encourages exploration and decision-making. Our teachers are always assessing how they can make each lesson richer and more engaging. Most importantly, differentiated learning is the best way to provide a positive learning experience for all students.

Reason #2: Education-Focused Programs 

Our hands-on curriculum is designed to encourage early learning. We focus on the Four Pillars: Language/Literacy, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), physical activity/nutrition and mindful awareness. We help introduce these concepts with numbers, letters, shapes and colours. We believe our education-focused programs will set your child up for lifelong learning. Additionally, our teachers plan daily creative activities to keep the curriculum fresh and interesting.

Reason #3: Regular Progress Updates

We know how important it is to stay involved in your child’s learning. We do this by keeping you in the loop with daily verbal and live progress updates. Your child’s teacher will communicate via the HiMama app , sending real-time photos and daily digital reports. This will take any guesswork out of how your child is progressing. You will also be provided with a progress report twice per year to assess your child’s learning development.

Only the Safest Environment

Reason #4: Our Facility is Equipped with Extra Security Features

 We will provide you with a front door code that only parents and teachers have access to. We have both an alarm system and security cameras in place throughout the facility. All activity in the building is monitored, including staff, parents, children and guests. You can also rest assured that our outdoor playground is fully secured with a fence on all sides. All spaces at Daycare Oakville are child-proofed to ensure your child’s complete safety.

Reason #5: Strict Education and Health Regulations

We strictly abide by all guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education and local Health regulations. We meet and exceed our weekly safety and health checks. Not only are all toys sanitized daily, but each classroom is well-maintained and sanitized on a weekly basis. We truly go above and beyond in providing the safest environment for your child.

Qualified Teachers Who Care

Reason #6: Our Teachers Are Licensed Early Childhood Educators

 Have confidence your child is in good hands with one of our highly qualified teachers. Every teacher is registered with the College of ECE or Early Childhood Assistants (ECA). Each teacher is hand-picked for their nurturing and caring demeanor. Our team is truly passionate about making a difference with each and every child. Adapting lessons to each student’s needs takes a great deal of flexibility and creativity. It is through our teachers’ dedication that our programs are able to provide such great benefits to your family and to society.

Flexible Options for Every Family

Reason #7: Programs Tailored to Your Schedule

We know how busy you are. Whether you’re a stay at home parent or working full-time, we have an arrangement that will work for you. Our Nursery School program is ideal for many stay-at-home parents. This program will help enrich your child’s life from a young age, through early academics and socializing with peers. If you have a less traditional work schedule, the half day program allows you to choose the hours your child attends daycare. Alternatively, the full day program is perfect for working parents who require childcare all day. Daycare Oakville can help you choose the arrangement that works best for your family.

Unmatched Daycare Value

Reason #8: Daily Extracurricular Activities

 Your child will take part in daily activities such as Zumba, Yoga and Kindermusik programs at no extra cost to you. These activities incorporate health and physical activity as a natural part of your child’s life from a young age. These programs encourage development of confidence, creativity, self-esteem and coordination. We encourage physical activity both indoors and outside on our secure playground. In addition to physical activity, we teach children about the importance of health and nutrition. We do so by providing healthy choices from all food groups.

Reason #9: The Best Care at the Most Competitive Rates

Having access to quality, affordable childcare is very important. We’re sure you won’t find better value elsewhere and we encourage you to compare our rates. We even offer reduced rates if you wish to take time away for a vacation, while still reserving your child’s spot in the program.

Parent-Teacher Partnerships

Reason #10: Our Daycare in Oakville Keeps You Involved Every Step of the Way

You know your child best, that’s why we work to build partnerships with families. We make sure you stay engaged in your child’s early education and well-being. We urge you to visit the facility and participate in the program with your child at any time of day. Your feedback is important to us and we encourage it throughout the entire learning process. You can view our daycare testimonials to see some of the positive words parents have to say about Alpha’s.

At our Preschool and Daycare Oakville, we make a promise to you is that your child is in a supportive, positive environment every time they step through our doors. If you think we would be a good fit for your family, contact us to schedule a free tour today.

Conclusion: 10 Reasons to Choose Our Daycare Oakville.

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10 Reasons to Choose Our Daycare Oakville