10 Steps to a Smooth First Day at Preschool Oakville

10 Steps to a Smooth First Day at Preschool Oakville

10 Steps to a Smooth First Day at Preschool Oakville

10 Steps to a Smooth First Day at Preschool Oakville

10 Steps to a Smooth First Day at Preschool Oakville

It’s your child’s big day and nerves are running high. At Alpha’s Discovery Kids Preschool Oakville, we know how difficult the first day of school can be for both you and your child. Luckily, we are here to support you in making this day as smooth as possible. We have seen our fair share of tough first days, so we have put together these 10 steps to ensure a more manageable transition.

Prepare Your Child Ahead of Time


1. Visit Our Oakville Preschool First

Scheduling a visit with our preschool in Oakville is one of the best things you can do before your child’s first day. The main goal in doing this is to give your little one an idea of what to expect ahead of time. This will help make them more comfortable when the big day arrives. Taking away the fear of the unknown will make the first day so much easier for them.

 2. Talk About What to Expect from School 

Regardless of your child’s age, talk to them about what to expect from the curriculum. from their first day at Preschool Oakville. Be as detailed as possible. Let them know that you will be back after a certain activity, such as after rest time in the afternoon. This gives your child something to look forward to while you are apart.

The First Day at Our Preschool in Oakville

3. Don’t Rush

No child wants to rush through the morning school routine – especially on their first day. Make sure to leave as much time as possible. Racing in the morning will only cause unwanted nerves and anxiety before arriving to class. Take your time and make sure your child is at ease. Be sure to arrive at our facility as early as possible to reduce those first day jitters. Your child will also get a little extra time with their teacher before the action starts.

 4. Leave Your Schedule Open

Regardless of all the precautions you take, please be aware that your child may still have a hard time being apart for their first day. Expect the best, but always prepare for the possibility that you may need to pick up your child in the middle of the day. We will do our best to prevent this, but you may wish to keep an open schedule on the off chance that this does occur.

 5. Say Goodbye with Confidence

 Despite the fact that your nerves may be eating you up inside, try not to let that show. Saying goodbye in a confident and positive manner will reassure your little one that everything will be okay. Remind them that they’re going to have a great time and try not to prolong your leaving. We know how tough can be on parents too, but you should try to avoid a long, tearful goodbye. Please also do not try to sneak out when your child is looking; this usually makes the situation worse. You can also view a few other tips on dropping your child off from our Mississauga location.

 6. Acknowledge Your Own Feelings

 Are you having a tough time leaving your child? It’s completely okay to admit it, since this is a big day for both parents and child. We suggest doing something you enjoy that helps get your mind off your own worry throughout the day. This can be something simple, like getting a breakfast treat or going for coffee with a friend. Check out these extra tips on Ways Moms Can Ease First Day Anxiety.

7. Check in With Preschool Oakville

 If you find that you are wondering how your son or daughter is doing, please feel free to call our Oakville Preschool to check on them at any time. We understand this can help give you peace of mind on their first day, or even for the entire first week. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Remember that you will also receive live updates via the Hi Mama app to help get you through the day with ease.

Stay Consistent

 8. Arrive on Time

Especially on the first day, try to arrive at the time you told your child you would pick them up. Keep in mind, even if they have enjoyed themselves, they may have been looking forward to this time all day. To make this as easy as possible on your little one, it’s best to pick a time and stick with it. Consistency is key here!

9. Establish A Routine

Like most of us, children thrive on predictability and routine. Developing a routine will give them a sense of security in their new school. Knowing that they can expect the same thing each day will drastically improve their comfort level in this new environment. Encourage the same activities to help them settle into a schedule. This may include waking up at the same time every morning or aiming to pick them up around the same time every day. Developing a routine might just mean doing the same activity after you pick your child up from preschool every day, such as reading a book or going to the park. Find what works best for you and keep at it.

 10. Understand It Takes Time

 Don’t worry if it takes a while for your child to adjust. All children warm up to the idea of preschool at different times. It’s totally normal for children to have a meltdown on their first day. We know how difficult it is to walk away if your child is in tears. Don’t panic – our knowledgeable teachers have been through this situation many times. It’s not likely that a crying fit will last longer than 5 minutes after you leave anyway.

We know this is a huge step for your family. Following these steps should help your child comfortably transition from home to preschool. Our staff knows exactly what to do to ensure you pick up an excited, smiling child at the end of the day. If you have any further questions or concerns about your child’s first day, please contact us at Alpha’s Daycare and Preschool Oakville.

Conclusion: 10 Steps To A Smooth First Day At Preschool Oakville.

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10 Steps to a Smooth First Day at Preschool Oakville