Find the Perfect Oakville Daycare

Find the Perfect Oakville Daycare

Find the Perfect Oakville Daycare

Find the Perfect Oakville Daycare - Are you looking for a reputable and safe Oakville Daycare for your child? Without a doubt, choosing the right option is the most important decision you will make in your child’s early life. And with so many daycares in the area, how can you be sure which one is right for your family?

Since 2012, Alpha’s Discovery Kids Preschool and Daycare have operated one of the best daycares in Mississauga. We have grown exponentially and are now offering local daycare services in Oakville, Ontario. We know how important it is to create quality early years for every child. That’s why our daycare isn’t just a place where children go when their parents are at work. Alpha’s Discovery Kids is a place where children develop the foundation that will last throughout their entire life.


Oakville Daycare’s Enriched Curriculum

Learning Made Fun

Learning is made fun all day long at Alpha’s. When children think they’re exploring, they’re actually learning. Our teachers are certified Early Child Educators and plan lessons according to each student’s individual strengths and interests. Every child is given the freedom to explore and to learn at a pace that is right for them. We strongly believe that children learn best by choosing their own materials in each part of the curriculum. Whether it’s for writing, science, reading, or art, children are encouraged to make their own decisions. Our teachers are there every step of the way to encourage and support them.

Education-Focused Programs

 Every one of our programs will make sure your child gets the best start early on. We teach these fundamental skills: learning how to know, learning how to do, learning how to live together and learning how to be. We will help your child develop the skills necessary for learning, communication, teamwork and personality development. Our engaging programs focus on the Four Pillars: Language/Literacy, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), physical activity/nutrition and mindful awareness.

Our Oakville Daycare Helps Build Resilience in Children

Throughout the day, children may run into situations they find stressful. An important aspect of our daycare program involves showing children how to adapt to these situations. We coach them how to solve what is upsetting them and how to work through it using mindful activities. This helps develop a child’s resilience to stress from a young age.

For more information, you can take a look at our in-depth 2019 Program Statement.

Oakville Daycare Creates Healthy Habits

A Creative Outlet

An integral part of learning is encouraging children to express themselves creatively. We enrich their lives by incorporating the arts and music as an important part of every day.

Everyday Physical Activity

Regular physical activity from a young age is a key factor in building strong bones, muscles and heart. Kids love our fun Zumba, Kindermusik and yoga classes. These activities will give your child both a mind and body workout. We work with them to develop motor movement, hand-eye coordination, cognition and expressive language. Just another reason we're considered the perfect Oakville daycare.

Oakville Daycare’s Nutritious Meals

Our daycare provides delicious, child-friendly meals. Our multi-cultural menu features variety of options from every food group. All of our meals are approved by a Registered Dietician. We switch up our meals often, so your child will never get bored. Don’t worry if your little one has allergies or dietary restrictions, as we can easily accommodate that as well.


We encourage children to take some time for their own well-being as a part of every day. They are given the opportunity to rest and have a nap in the early afternoon if they feel like it. If they choose not to sleep, they are given books, writing or puzzles to keep them busy. These mindful activities help keep them focused and calm later in the day.

Clean, Safe Environment

Strict Sick Policy

Concerned about your little one getting sick while in our care? Not to worry! Health checks are performed at our Oakville daycare each day as children arrive. We abide by our rule of making sure any sick children stay home. This will help prevent the spread of any bugs while in our care.

Daily Health and Safety Checks

You can be sure that our premium facility is the safest place for your child. All of our teachers are knowledgeable and well-trained in First Aid. All toys and equipment are regularly sanitized and are in top working condition. Classrooms receive a full sanitation every single week. Yet another reason we consider ourselves the perfect Oakville daycare.

Unbeatable Value

Flexible Drop-Off Hours

We know not every parent’s schedule is the same. That’s why there’s a suitable option for you, whether you’re looking for full time or part time care. You can drop your child off at any time within facility hours. For more information on our Oakville daycare programs for your child’s age group, you can click the above hyperlink.

Vacation Time

Thinking of taking a family vacation or just don’t need childcare for the summer? We offer reduced rates for vacation time. This will allow you to take time away while still guaranteeing your child’s spot in the program. Our Oakville daycare is open all year, so you can choose the arrangement that works best for your family.

Banked Sick Days

We know kids sometimes feel under the weather and wind up missing a few days of class. That’s why you can bank those sick days to use them at a later date. We want to ensure you get exactly what you pay for, plus so much more.


Located in the Heart of Town

Getting to work on time should be a breeze. Whether you drive or take transit, we are easily accessible when dropping off your child. Our Oakville daycare is located close to several major highways, GO train station and major bus routes.

Our staff know that finding suitable childcare is never easy. That’s why it’s our mission to go above and beyond to provide you with the best experience possible. Let us help give your child the best start to life. Contact us to find out how you can apply to best Oakville daycare in town.

Conclusion: Find the Perfect Oakville Daycare

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Find the Perfect Oakville Daycare