Professional Child Care Oakville

Professional Child Care Oakville

Professional Child Care Oakville

Professional Child Care Oakville

Professional Child Care Oakville – by Alpha’s Discovery Kids. November 24, 2019

As a parent, when you send your children off to daycare, you want to make sure they are safe, cared for, and are getting the most out of the experience. With Alpha’s Discovery Kids professional child care Oakville you can trust that our caretakers are taking on an active role and not a passive one. This means our caretakers are trained and qualified to look after and teach your children. Instead of sitting them down in front of a tablet or television, your child is constantly learning and being prepped for the next stages in life.

All Alpha’s Discovery Daycare Teachers are Qualified

Alpha’s Discovery Kids in Oakville is your best bet when searching for professional child care in Oakville. When you place your child in professional care such as a licensed daycare or pre-school like Alpha’s Discovery Kids, you can trust that their caretakers know what they are doing. All employees at Alpha’s take an interest in your children’s future and have a role in their education. That’s why we employ Early Childhood Educators (ECE) who are registered with the College of Early Childhood Assistants (ECA). They also pass the required background checks and are trained regularly to keep their knowledge up to date. Strategies are constantly changing, so it is important to keep with the times so that your child receives the best quality care possible.

In addition, Early Childhood Educators are trained to administer medications your child may need throughout the day, ranging from basic prescriptions to epipens and inhalers. Should a child have an allergic reaction or an asthma attack, etc., educators are trained to follow necessary protocols to ensure the child is safe.

Educators are also trained to be patient and focus on each child’s unique and individual needs. No child learns the same and some learn at a slower pace than others. Early Childhood Educators are aware of this and focus on learning with natural play so they can learn at their own pace. No child is ‘forced’ to learn anything. It is all up to them and their readiness.  


Professional Childcare Curriculum

Good professional childcare always has a plan, or curriculum in place. This ensures that there is a guideline to follow and you, as a parent, are fully aware of what your child is learning. It also helps Early Childhood Educators keep track of your child’s progress and if they are meeting appropriate milestones. Curriculums always correspond to the appropriate age range and are never more advanced or less advanced than what a child is capable of doing at their age. The curriculum always emphasizes that educators focus on each child’s individual needs such as their strengths and areas where they may need additional development.

Some professional childcare Oakville facilities implement the Jolly Phonics literacy program into their curriculum. The Jolly Phonics literacy program is proven to help children succeed in early reading and writing, and it’s fun. Making learning fun is key to any professional childcare facility. If learning is fun, then children will want to return. The less a child enjoys daycare, the less fulfilling experience they will have.

Another good quality to look for in professional childcare is if what your child learns can be taken out into the community in real life situations. It is important that professional childcare teaches your child how to regulate their emotions and remain calm in stressful situations. Teaching children to use their words as opposed to acting out physically or verbally is a useful skill to have at any age.


Socializing Your Child

Professional childcare is a great opportunity to socialize your child and develop those skills. They learn to form relationships, work through conflict and engage in peer play. It can also help with separation anxiety as it distracts your child and introduces them to new peers, and teaches them not to rely on solely the parent for interaction and communication. Early Childhood Educators are constantly supervising and ready to intervene should it be necessary.


Getting Your Child Outside of the Classroom

It is imperative that professional childcare facilities give children a chance to release their energy and get some fresh air. Children can only focus for so long before they need a break, and what better way to give them a break than giving them a chance to play outside. Learning doesn’t have to remain in the classroom. Children are always learning when they may not even know it. While playing outside, they are learning motor skills, grasping skills, hand-eye coordination, etc., and are kicking balls around, riding bikes, using a swing-set, and going down and climbing a slide.


Teaching a Healthy Lifestyle

Professional childcare facilities can teach your child healthy choices by providing an outlet for choice and control. There are usually a variety of healthy options to choose from for snacks and meals that are tasty and are good for the growing body. Your child is also taught that mealtime doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. They finish their snacks and meals at their own pace. it is important that you, as a parent can send your child off to daycare and trust that they are healthy and learning to make healthy choices. Children are given the opportunity to experiment with new foods and textures as well.


Flexibility in Professional Childcare

Professional childcare is just as much for the parents as it is for the child. For busy parents, it can sometimes be tough to find childcare that works with your work schedule. Fortunately, professional childcare in Oakville recognizes this and there are usually a variety of hours to choose from. There are early pick-ups, late pick-ups, part time childcare, full-time childcare, etc. You can even go on vacation and still secure a spot for your child upon his/her return.


Professional Childcare in Oakville

Alpha’s Discovery Kid’s Preschool and Daycare is a professional childcare facility that can foster a fulfilling learning experience for your child. They get to socialize with peers, make new friends, and learn new skills, all in a fun way. Our Early Childhood Educators have your child’s best interests in mind and are qualified and trained in what they do.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a free tour of our Oakville daycare.

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