Daily Activity for Kids – Day 38 – Calming Jars Activity

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are home with their children and looking for things to do. This is a daily post to give you ideas of fun things to do. It comes from activities that we implement at our daycare centre using our Four Pillars of Learning curriculum. Since we are closed during this time, we are sharing the activity for you to implement in your own home. Enjoy!

Daily Activity for Kids – Calming Jars Activity

Creating calming jars can be fun and soothing at the same time. When children are stressed they sometimes don’t know how to express themselves in a way that is clearly understood by those around them. Sometimes it can come across as angry, sadness or a temper tantrum. Providing your child with a calm down jar can help in this situations. They are very easy to make.

Step 1: Gather the following materials: plastic water bottle, water, food colouring and sparkles.

Step 2: Mix everything together inside the bottle and place the lid on tight. You can glue it on or put strong tape around the opening to make sure that it cannot be open.

Step 3: Give it to your child and have them shake it. The colour and sparkles floating around will help to calm your child and distract them from their feelings.

You can expand on this activity by adding different things in the bottle. You can add small items that float or sink, or oil which will separate from the water.

This daily kids activity incorporates many learning areas based on our Four Pillars of Learning curriculum including: mindfulness and fine motor skills.