Daily Activity for Kids – Day 50 – Button Sorting Art Activity

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are home with their children and looking for things to do. This is a daily post to give you ideas of fun things to do. It comes from activities that we implement at our daycare centre using our Four Pillars of Learning curriculum. Since we are closed during this time, we are sharing the activity for you to implement in your own home. Enjoy!

Daily Activity for Kids – Button Sorting Art Activity

Art and math seem like two very different subjects that don’t naturally combine. In this activity, we have combined art and math in a creative way. A simple and fun way to introduce counting and sorting through art is to use buttons.

Step 1: Gather the following items: buttons, paper and glue. Provide your child with a variety of buttons of different shapes and sizes (or other similar objects like beads, etc).

Step 2: Ask the child to sort the buttons by size and/or colour into different containers.

Step 3: Once your child has sorted their buttons, have them add drops of glue where they are going to put them on their paper.

Step 4: Take any button to cover up each dot of glue.

Step 5: The child can count how many of each they had or the can count how many in total.

For older kids, you can create math equations with the buttons to add them together or subtract them. Using buttons is a great way to teach math in a visual way. Combining the art with the math makes it more interesting as well.

This daily kids activity incorporates many learning areas based on our Four Pillars of Learning curriculum including: STEAM (math, art).