A work day is long enough, but add in the drop off and pick up from daycare onto either end of your commute and you’re sure to be completely exhausted by the time you get home.

Depending on your work schedule, family support and lifestyle, there can be pros and cons between choosing a daycare close to home or close to work.

Choosing a Daycare Close to Home

The convenience of having a child care centre close to home can lend to a lot of flexibility for a family. Either parent could drop off or pick up the children regardless of how far away or in which direction they work. It also means that you won’t be stuck entertaining a sleepy or hungry child for the duration of your long commute. The downside of choosing a daycare close to home comes when you receive a call mid-day and need to rush home to pick up a sick or hurt child. That drive can seem like the longest drive of your life!

Choosing a Daycare Close to Work

Some parents choose a daycare close to their office – especially if they tend to work long days and can’t make it back in time for pickup times. The shorter the time to your place of work, the less time your child will spend at daycare and the less likely that you will be speeding to get to pick-up before closing time. Additionally, spending time with your child during the commute can also be valuable bonding time to share stories of your day and listen to music or audiobooks together. This commute together isn’t always a blessing though, particularly when stuck in traffic with an exhausted toddler who wants to fall asleep before you get home for dinner.

Choosing a Daycare En Route

Taking into account all of your family’s routines and needs, it may seem like the right choice to choose something in between. A daycare centre location that is conveniently on the way to your office but also convenient for other family members to lend a hand with pick-up whenever necessary. Now, it may not always be convenient if you travel a lot for work or if you get stuck in traffic so take into account the general accessibility of the location in relation to major roadways and traffic patterns.

When searching for daycare locations, it’s important to be flexible in order to accommodate changes in career and life. Location should and will likely weigh heavily on your decision.

Below are a few important questions to ask yourself while you’re considering your childcare options.

  • Which parent will be doing the majority of drop-offs and pick-ups?

  • How long is your commute?

  • Do you want your child to be very close in case they need you throughout the day?

  • Do you have another child’s schedule to take into consideration?

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