Benefits Of Daycare

Benefits Of Daycare- Every parent has their own reason for why they might want to enroll their child in licensed daycare or preschool – whether it’s for socialization or enhanced learning… but for many parents in Mississauga, this may seem to be a daunting task! As parents, they may not even be aware of everything that their child has to gain through this sort of learning environment. Not only will the experience set out learning and socialization opportunities that are fun, engaging and of interest to your child, but there are many more benefits that you may not even have considered.

1)     It will help them build trust in the world and the people in it: any good daycare or preschool will have staff that are specially trained to meet your child’s need to develop trust in the world and the people in it. All it takes is staff that are cheerful and happy to see the children each day, who actually know how to effectively care for children, and who are consistent in their classroom conduct.

2)    Each child is encouraged to reach their maximum potential: each child is an individual and should be treated as such. The preschool classroom has small adult to child ratios to allow each child some individual attention.

  • Children are allowed to accomplish each task they face throughout their day at their own rate and leave at the end of the day with a feeling of satisfaction

3)    Each child feels a sense of belonging: staff foster an environment where each child is given individual attention during the day and special attention should he or she need it. Each smaller group within the class is comprised of children the same age, plus those a little younger or a little older but developmentally at the same stage. All children should feel comfortable and valued.

  • Qualified staff members help the children to learn how to accept others and work on teaching things like inclusion and forgiveness

4)    Children learn independence and self-reliance: the physical set-up of the daycare or preschool environment should meet each child’s need to become independent and self-reliant by allowing free choice of play materials, and with the exception of routines, free use of these materials (within limits). The children are encouraged to be self-reliant in routines such as dressing, toileting, washing, eating and tidying up their playthings.

  • An adult is available for assistance when needed, but the child is made to feel responsible for the job at hand.

5)    Children grow in their language and cognitive skills: Preschool programs are typically developed to enhance language and cognition through the use of various educational materials including books, puzzles, math games, music and other manipulative materials.

6) Licensed daycare and preschool programs are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Region of Peel: a licensed centre has to meet or exceed government regulations when it comes to the safety of your child so you can be sure that your child is in a safe environment.

Overall, enrolling your child in the right daycare or preschool is an instrumental part of their growth and development. It will provide the space where they have some of their first social interactions, make some of their first friends, and learn some skills that will help them through the rest of their lives.

Wherever you choose to place your child for their first few years of preschool, make sure that it is somewhere that they feel comfortable and at ease.

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