Music Impacts Early Literacy

Music Impacts Early Literacy – Did you know that exposure to music at a young age is directly linked to early literacy development? Research is beginning to show the benefits of music in helping children learn to read. Can attending music classes help your child with reading? What’s the connection between music and literacy? How does it work?

Music has always helped in learning various concepts. You’ve probably noticed that your child can sing the alphabet before they can say it. You’ve probably noticed that you can remember all the words to a song – even one that you don’t like – but you forget important information like your own phone number. There’s no doubt that music helps in learning.

What are the facts about how music impacts early literacy?

Fact: Exposure to music at a young age helps train the ear to pick out individual notes and rhythms. By doing this, they are developing the critical skill of being able to distinguish between sounds – an ability that is absolutely vital to reading.

That is why at Alpha’s Preschool Academy, we offer Kindermusik classes as part of our regular curriculum. Music is a part of daily instruction and helps to make learning fun!

Want more facts? Check out this link to read the latest research about how music improves literacy.