Jr. PreschoolFinding subsidized child care in Mississauga may seem like a difficult task. Child care subsidy is a phrase that many parents may hear about but they do not know what it is or how to obtain it. There are many stereotypes and myths associated with child care subsidy. So here’s the facts about child care subsidy, who can apply and how to do so.

At Alpha’s Discovery Kids, we accept child care subsidy for children ages 12 months to 5 years for full time as well as part time programs. The Region of Peel is responsible for approving and granting a subsidy to parents living in Mississauga. We are strong supporters of the Region of Peel and its commitment to creating a quality learning environment for children of all economic status.

Who is Eligible?

Families who are eligible for subsidized child care must meet the following requirements:
1. Have filed last year’s income tax return and have their current Notice of Assessment (NOA) or Canada Child Benefit (CCB) Notice
2. Live in Peel (Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga)
3. Be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or refugee with a valid work permit or study permit
4. Be the parent, foster parent or legal guardian of the child(ren) and living with them
5. Be working, self-employed, in school or in a training program full-time or part-time

How to Apply?

You can apply online or over the phone.

You are required to provide all the appropriate paperwork to your children services worker. To book an appointment or see if you qualify you may contact a child service worker through the Region of Peel website or phone number. The waiting period to see if your application has gone through is between 4-6 weeks; however, there have been cases where the process is faster. If you are not sure if you qualify for child care subsidy it never hurts to speak to someone. Some families can still get a percentage off of their child care fees even with two working parents.

We live in a time period when childcare fees can affect a family’s decision to seek childcare. There are so many amazing benefits to having a social environment for your children and the Region of Peel is providing equal opportunities to families who may be struggling with finances.

At Alpha’s Discovery Kids we strive to provide a quality learning environment for all families and have space available for families seeking child care subsidy in Mississauga. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about child care subsidy.