Daily Activity for Kids – Day 30 – Kids Yoga Activity

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are home with their children and looking for things to do. This is a daily post to give you ideas of fun things to do. It comes from activities that we implement at our daycare centre using our Four Pillars of Learning curriculum. Since we are closed during this time, we are sharing the activity for you to implement in your own home. Enjoy!

Daily Activity for Kids – Kids Yoga Activity

Introducing young children to yoga helps establish early healthy habits that can be carried into adulthood. Yoga can enhance a child’s strength, coordination and flexibility, while encouraging body awareness and self-esteem. It can help to relieve anxiety and stress and help to promote a sense of calm. This is a great activity to do before bed, before a nap, or in moments where a child may seem irritated.

Step 1: Find a quiet space in your home and put on some soft instrumental music or nature sounds. On a nice day, you can even find a spot outside.

Step 2: Gather a blanket or yoga mat for each participant so that they have their own space to do the activity.

Step 3: Try the 15 Easy Yoga poses for kids on the following website:

Step 4: Make sure you breathe slowly through each pose and enjoy the quiet time together with your child.