Daily Activity for Kids – Day 7 – Cardboard Box Activity

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are home with their children and looking for things to do. This is a daily post to give you ideas of fun things to do. It comes from activities that we implement at our daycare centre using our Four Pillars of Learning curriculum. Since we are closed during this time, we are sharing the activity for you to implement in your own home. Enjoy!

Today’s Activity: Cardboard Box Activity

Have you ever noticed that kids love to play with boxes – and sometimes more so than what was inside the box? A cardboard box is a versatile toy that you can transform into anything you want. All you need for this activity is your imagination and an empty box from a recent delivery. In these days, you may have lots of empty boxes around from the deliveries you are getting. Here’s some ideas to transform your cardboard box into hours of fun!

Step 1: Find an empty cardboard box. This can be any size but bigger is better! Bigger boxes allow your child to get inside it which is always more fun. (make sure there is nothing in the box such as plastic wrap/foam and there are no staples or other hazards)

Step 2: Gather the materials you need to decorate your box. You can use crayons, markers, paint, glue, collage materials. Let it dry completely.

Step 3: Ask your child what they want the box to be. There are endless possibilities here. The box can be a boat, truck, train, rocket, garbage truck, garage, house etc. Try to go with your child’s ideas instead of your own. Remember, the box can be a boat one minute and a train in the next one. Follow your child’s lead.

Step 4: Add specific features to the box for more interest. Make holes for windows, add a chimney, wheels etc.

Step 5: Research more ideas of what you can with a cardboard box. This website has some great ideas!

We use cardboard boxes often in our daycare centre. We know that as soon as we bring out a box, the children are ready to climb inside it. Be sure to stay safe and supervise their play while using the boxes.

This daily kids activity incorporates many learning areas based on our Four Pillars of Learning curriculum including: STEAM (engineering, art).