What is Physical Literacy?

Physical Literacy sounds like reading a story while doing a cartwheel; however, it is a term that is both critical to learn and vital for early development for our children. So what is Physical Literacy?

By definition, Physical Literacy is fundamental movement skills or sport skills that allow a child to read their environment and make proper decisions and be confident with their physical self in different situations. In summary, it allows children the opportunity to assess their surroundings and confidently use their physical skills to solve any problems that might arise.

How do I bring this into my busy life?

With hustling and bustling all the time, it is hard to imagine adding something else to your plate; however, it’s as simple as offering your child a challenge they can do physically. Showing a child a new skill it allows them to help you with your busy schedule.  A good example would be showing your toddler how to safely use a step stool so they can wash hands before meal times.

How can I get involved with Physical Literacy?

Spending time outdoors you are surrounded by a variety of challenges in the natural environment that allow children to learn and explore. Making new games and having new materials allow children to lead a learning opportunity. Children have so much natural curiosity and will seek assistance and answers from their parents. Be readily available to help them with any challenges they might face. Once they develop the confidence with their physical ability they will learn to be independent young adults.

Does this help them in other areas?

In fact, physical activity is the best thing for your brain! Think about it; after lack of sleep, or an unhealthy meal you become lethargic and want to rest. Without physical activity you lack the simulation from your surroundings and stop learning. Keeping active actually creates more activity in the brain and allows you to learn in all areas of development. That is why it is SO important to have children stay active so they can learn to the best of their ability.

At Alpha’s Preschool Academy, we provide a variety of rich physical opportunities both in an indoor and outdoor environment. We give children opportunities throughout the day to move their bodies and try new learning opportunities. We look forward to our brand new outdoor space and will post photos on our website soon! We believe that a more natural environment allows children to learn life skills through physical literacy