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Child Care Subsidy in Mississauga

Jr. PreschoolFinding subsidized child care in Mississauga may seem like a difficult task. Child care subsidy is a phrase that many parents may hear about but they do not know what it is or how to obtain it. There are many stereotypes and myths associated with child care subsidy. So here’s the facts about child care subsidy, who can apply and how to do so.

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Fall Preschool BBQ and Open House

Preschool Open House

Preschool Open House – Join us on Saturday, September 30th for our “Fall” BBQ and Open House and learn about our play-based educational curriculum. We offer quality care for children from 12 months-5 years old. We have full-time and part-time programs as well as nursery school programs. Our academic program includes Jolly Phonics, Math, Science, Music Read more ›

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids – The foodie revolution is in full swing—but why should grown-ups have all the fun? From cooking shows starring “junior” chefs to kitchen toys, kids are discovering the culinary arts…and having a blast doing it! Read more ›

The Power of Positivity when Communicating with Kids

Communicating With Kids

“STOP DOING THAT!” “YOU DON’T LISTEN!” “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU RIGHT NOW!” Some of the things that we as parents say to our children when we are frustrated or upset with them can affect their self-esteem and their opinion of you. Our words are so powerful so we as parents and educators must choose them wisely and try to use positive language as much as possible. Read more ›

Physical Literacy – what is it?

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical Literacy sounds like reading a story while doing a cartwheel; however, it is a term that is both critical to learn and vital for early development for our children. So what is Physical Literacy? Read more ›

We love you too but when it’s time to hit the road……..Alpha’s Awesome Road Trip Tips!

Everyone needs a little holiday now and again and while Alpha’s Preschool Academy loves every member of our toddler, preschool and daycare programs, we know it’s important for families to spend time together too.  Often, this means a summer road trip. (Insert groan here, LOL!) If it’s time for your family to take a little road trip adventure vacation, whether to Grandma’s house or Gander, Newfoundland, we’ve got you covered with some helpful travel tips tailor made for children of all ages! Read more ›

Is it time for daycare? Then it’s time to get Allergy Aware!

You might have heard some recent news stories about a Toronto high school that was vandalized, in part, through the use of peanut butter. You’re not in high school yet – heck your little one hasn’t even started daycare or preschool! “So what’s all the fuss about?” you’re probably wondering. “Surely that peanut butter thing was just a prank?” Well, if your wee one is ready for the next big adventure in his or her life, an adventure that will include spending some time in daycare, then it’s also time for your family to become allergy aware. At Alpha’s, we take allergies seriously and we’d like to share why you too should care. Read more ›

Sunscreen and your Child: Everything you ever needed to know – and stuff you didn’t even know you needed to know!

Kids Sunscreen

Right about now you are probably expressing a huge sigh of relief that winter is well behind us and summer fun has begun.  Gone are the days of rushing out the door after first bundling them up in coats, boots, hats, mittens and scarves. Some mornings, we’re sure you already felt like you’d run a half marathon, just getting your child safely to daycare and pre-school! Now it’s just shorts, t-shirts and a fight over flip-flops or sandals. Easy-peasy! Or is it? The truth is summer can be just as time-consuming when you factor in the SPF factor. Read more ›

Uh Oh – It’s Time to Go!

Consistency is key!

While I’ve known some parents who say (jokingly we think) “sometimes I think it would just be easier to keep them in diapers!” we all know that you don’t really mean it and that it might actually be nice to spend those extra few dollars on something other than disposables. Read more ›

Putting a positive spin on picky eating! (Part 2 of 2)

Last time we talked about a step by step approach to fostering healthy eating habits and what healthy eating might look like.  We started by saying creating a positive attitude towards food begins at an early age and that as parents we role model food preferences every day, both consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, fostering a healthy attitude towards food begins at home. Today, we’ll look at snacking and mindful eating. Read more ›